How to Cure Tinnitus – Apply These Changes

Wondering how to cure tinnitus?

That’s what 50 million other people around the world want to know!

Unfortunately, modern medicine has yet to come up with a pill that you can pop to eliminate the problem.

how to cure tinnitusHowever, a group of researchers in England may be onto something. They believe that tinnitus is caused by overactive cells in the brain.

These “amped up” cells are more sensitive to noises – which is why the ringing and buzzing in your ears is so unpleasant.

If these researchers can come up with a drug that calms those cells down, it may be the answer to your question how to cure tinnitus.

Unfortunately, anything like that is a long way off. So, how to cure your tinnitus in the meantime?

1. Change your diet

how to cure tinnitus

Don’t worry – you do not have to exist solely on bean sprouts and tofu! Instead, cut back on the caffeine and sugar. Both speed up your system, which can make your tinnitus symptoms worse. Also, reduce your salt intake. Salt makes it harder for blood to flow – meaning you wind up with higher blood pressure.

Experts have found a direct link between high blood pressure and tinnitus. They believe that if your inner ear can’t get enough blood, it can lead to ringing, buzzing, and other unpleasant noises.

The same goes for saturated fats. The more of them you eat, the higher your cholesterol will be – which means it will be harder for blood to flow into your ears.

2. Focus on your ear wax

cure tinnitus by removing ear wax

You do not have to obsess over it, but if you haven’t gotten a good ear-cleaning in a while, you need to. Too much ear wax can lead to a dangerous buildup in your ear canal – and that buildup can cause tinnitus.

Once the wax is removed, the problem will go away. But just to be on the safe side, have a professional clean your ears with special tools. If you start shoving Q-tips in your ear, you can damage your ear drum and cause a permanent tinnitus problem!

3. Start taking zinc

cure tinnitus with zinc

Studies have shown that people with hearing problems (including tinnitus) also have a zinc deficiency. Go out and get a special zinc supplement instead of relying solely on your multivitamin. Your multivitamin may not contain enough zinc to make up for a deficiency.

4. Get a hearing aid

cure tinnitus with an hearing aid

If you think this is going to make you look like an “old person”, think again. Today’s hearing aids are so small that people will be hard-pressed to notice that you are even wearing one!

Luckily, though, the benefits of a hearing aid can be huge. It will amplify the sounds around you so that they drown out the ringing in your ears. That way, you will be able to participate in conversations, head out to social functions, and make a good impression during business meetings.

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One more benefit to wearing a hearing aid? It can alleviate the stress associated with not being able to hear over the ringing in your ears. That stress alone can make your tinnitus worse!

5. See if your medications are to blame

cure tinnitus with the right medication

Some prescription drugs can actually cause tinnitus! Your doctor will be able to tell you if your medications are actually the reason behind all of that frustrating ringing. If it is, see if you can switch to a different drug. If you can’t, see if your doctor can lower the dosage.

Fortunately, if your medications are causing your tinnitus, you have your answer to how to cure tinnitus, and you’ll be able to get some much-needed peace and quiet once they are out of your system.

However, there is a problem. Even though alternative treatments may work, for most people (when using alternative remedies) the root contributing factors causing all the noises remain. Therefore, your problems will return the moment you stop using any of these treatments.

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