4 Easy-to-Follow Tips to Get Fast Tinnitus Relief

Are you one of the millions of people looking for tinnitus relief? You are probably discouraged to hear that there is not a pill that can magically erase your symptoms.

tinnitus relief from ringing in the earsHowever, all is not lost.

By following these four tips, you can get some relief from the ringing and buzzing that are keeping you awake at night, making it hard for you to function in social situations, and preventing you from living a normal life:

1. Mask the sounds

tinnitus relief through auditory testing

If you can’t beat ’em, cover ’em up! Luckily, you can mask your tinnitus symptoms in a variety of ways. You can do something as simple as work with a radio playing softly in the background, instead of in a stone-cold silent office.

Or, you can get a noise machine to help you sleep at night. Alternatively, you can get a hearing aid that amplifies the other sounds around you and drowns out the ringing and buzzing from your tinnitus.

If you want to get the most relief from these techniques, head to your doctor first for some auditory testing. A few simple (and painless!) tests can tell you what frequency your tinnitus sounds are at. That way, you will know exactly how to set your machines or hearing aids to best block out the noise.

2. Change your diet

tinnitus relief through less alcohol

Did you know that tinnitus relief can be as simple as changing up the foods you eat?

Salts, sugars, and caffeine all speed up your system, which will make the noises in your ears worse. Alcohol makes your blood flow faster, and the added force can make your tinnitus symptoms worse. So, by limiting foods and drinks with these ingredients, you can get some much-needed relief.

To do it, though, you’ll have to work at it. You will have to learn how to read food labels properly so that you do not inadvertently buy the wrong groceries. You will also need to spend more time cooking – since eating out and eating prepared foods leaves you more open to ingredients that can make your tinnitus worse.

3. Learn how to reduce stress

tinnitus relief by reducing stress

For most tinnitus sufferers, stress makes their symptoms downright unbearable. While you may not be able to avoid stress altogether, you can learn different ways to cope with it.

For example, when things start to boil over, close your eyes and picture yourself on a quiet beach or on a peaceful ski slope. What do you see, hear, and smell? This process is called “guided imagery,” and it is a proven stress-buster.

Or, if you only have a few seconds to spare, try some breathing exercises. For example, inhale while counting to four, hold for a second, then exhale while counting to five.

If you’ve got a few minutes to get out and about, go for a short walk. Being in the fresh air with a change of scenery will calm you down – and give you some tinnitus relief in the process!

4. Go alternative

tinnitus relief through acupuncture

…with your medicine, that is!

Acupuncture has been proven helpful for tinnitus sufferers, especially when it is combined with massage therapy. Acupuncture probably won’t get rid of your tinnitus altogether, but studies have shown that it can be very good at lessening the severity of your symptoms. Those studies also show that the help acupuncture can bring could last for a long time.

As an added benefit, acupuncture is used to relieve stress, which can take your tinnitus relief one step further!

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