5 Tinnitus Remedies You Have Sitting in Your House

Forget expensive prescriptions that probably won’t work anyway; you might have the perfect tinnitus remedies sitting right in your house!

Whether it is inside your medicine cabinet or inside your kitchen cabinet, there are five household items that can help keep your tinnitus symptoms at bay:

1. Garlic

tinnitus remedies garlic

Never thought that Mom’s marinara sauce or that yummy garlic bread could help your tinnitus, huh? Luckily, garlic is one of the tastiest tinnitus remedies you’ll find!

How does it work?

In addition to tasting great, garlic acts as a blood thinner, so it can help lower your blood pressure – which can lessen the severity of your tinnitus symptoms.

All garlic can help improve the ringing sound in your ears, but if you want the very best results, eat your garlic raw – like minced in salad dressing, for example. If you do not like the taste of uncooked garlic, you can get garlic supplements in pill form that offer the same benefits.

2. Onions

tinnitus remedies onions

Like the garlic, your onions need to be raw in order to work the best, so feel free to toss a bunch into your salad, on top of your burger, or onto your sandwich!

But unlike other tinnitus remedies, onions can also be used right at the source of the problem. That is because some people see relief by squeezing one drop of onion juice into their ears three times per day.

If you’ve got some onions lying around, all you need to do to make your own juice is peel them, puree them, and strain them.  In a matter of minutes, you will have a tinnitus remedy that some people swear by!

3. Dried fruit

tinnitus remedies dried fruit

Love things like prunes and raisins? Great, because they are a fantastic way to combat tinnitus!


When you chew on them, it increases the circulation to your ear area. As a result, the ringing, buzzing, or whooshing won’t be as intense. And, as an added benefit, you will get to munch on a healthy snack that won’t pack on the pounds! Does it get any better than that?

4. Cod-liver oil

tinnitus remedies cod-liver oil

Odds are you’ve got it sitting in the back of your medicine cabinet. Now, it’s time to pull it out and put it to good use!

All you need to do is put two or three drops of cod-liver oil in each ear every day. According to many tinnitus sufferers, it won’t eliminate your symptoms altogether, but it will make them a whole lot easier to deal with.


Because cod-liver oil is chock-full of Vitamin A and Vitamin D – both of which can give your cardiovascular system a boost. Plus, cod-liver oil has been shown to help keep your nervous system in good working order. The healthier your nervous system is, the less noticeable your tinnitus symptoms will be.

5. CoQ10

tinnitus remedies coq10

Your doctor may have told you to go out and buy this antioxidant in order to help boost your immune system, but did you know that it can help fight tinnitus, too? Since CoQ10 has been proven to improve circulation, it can lessen the severity of your tinnitus symptoms.

You probably never knew there were so many tinnitus remedies right at your fingertips…

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